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This website was established to give internet presence to your local restaurants outside of the overcrowded search engines and to introduce you to all the fine restaurants that surround you. Many restaurants have placed their menus, coupons, entertainment line-ups, and other important information online to help you plan a memorable evening including allowing you to book your dinner reservations online through their website. Feel free to print out their dining discounts or coupons and return to the restaurant to save money or fill out their mailing list so they can email you these savings when available. Holiday Menus and Specials can also be viewed over the internet.




That's right, some restaurants have designed their websites to accept dinner reservations online and some have designed their website to accept orders placed online to be picked up at the restaurant or delivered to their home. Many restaurants are looking toward the internet to help generate new customers and to display photos of their dining room to give people a chance to view their place for the first time online which may help seduce them to experience the atmosphere and setting in person. To many people seating and/or size play important roles in determining where they want to spend that special evening with that special person. While planning a business or social party you may want to view the catering menu or the private party room before you spend time visiting the restaurant in person. "Time is of the Essence" nowadays and restaurants are beginning to understand that people are doing their homework online before they make their calls and dining decisions.



It is said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but if the beholder never steps foot in the restaurant he or she can never see the beauty of the restaurant, until now. The internet has given the beholder the opportunity to view the restaurant from their own home enticing them to experience the beauty in person. It is then up to the restaurant chefs and staff to satisfy their dining appetite. We have found some hidden treasures that we will unveil on this website over time. We hope this will help you to find them as well.





Whether it is casual, formal, or candle-light dining you are looking for, this website will help you find the restaurant that you desire. We are not looking to list every restaurant in the world like some websites and search engines are trying to do, we are just looking to give the local restaurants an internet presence in a large localized network of nearly 50+ categorical websites containing hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of viewers. As we grow in popularity, we will be working with restaurants, hotels, motels, inns, nightclubs, limo services, recreational activities and travel agencies to put together vacation and weekend packages designed to save you time and money. Until then, we hope you take full advantage of the info we provide here on this website for you.


We will be serving these delicious restaurants to you on a silver platter. "bon apetit". This website is designed to give an internet presence to those restaurants that dont have a website and to enhance and promote the internet presence of those restaurants that do have their own website. Although we are not responsible for the content of those websites we promote or link to, we will try to be somewhat selective in our choices and we are open to any and all suggestions from our viewers. Although, LongIslandRestaurantsMagazine.com is relatively new, our web community has been established for many years and will provide a very sound support system for thelongislandweb's newest affiliate. We will link you to more content rich websites as well as those that have been established over a period of time. We are not looking to compete with these websites, we are looking to promote them as an additional resource to you to help with your dining decisions.

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